How did we build the Reformulary?

Reformulary Expert Committee

In 2011, we created a committee of clinical experts – called the Reformulary Expert Committee.  The Committee includes 13 practicing physicians and pharmacists, all experts in their field. They provide their independent advice to us, and are not employees of our company.

The Committee meets every month to review new and/or existing prescription drugs available in Canada.

Reformulary Group has clear and transparent guidelines on conflicts and interest for members of its Expert Committee.  Each member has completed and submitted a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, and has an ongoing obligation to disclose any potential, perceived or real conflicts of interest.

List of Committee Members

Dr. Paul Oh        Dr. Muhammad Mamdani
Dr. Bill Evans        Dr. Gerald A. Evans
Jean Lachaîne, B.Pharm., Ph.D.        Dr. Stuart MacLeod
Dr. Elizabeth Mann        Dr. Peter Tugwell
Sandra Knowles, BScPhm  

List of Special Advisors

Dr. Joe Clarke Michael Boivin, BScPhm
Dr. Andreas Laupacis Dr. Braden Manns

Our review process

Our Expert Committee reviews each drug to evaluate how well the drug works (clinical effectiveness), how much it costs (cost-effectiveness), and whether it helps people return-to-work, improve mobility, etc. (real-world use). The Committee researches current scientific evidence and standards of practice for each drug, as well as their own real-world experience.

Once the Committee completes the review, they recommend whether the drug provides the best healthcare value, or less value.  The term ‘best healthcare value’ means that the drug provides the best combination of clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.  As a result, the Reformulary is able to recommend drugs that are effective and might cost less.

Drugs that provide the best healthcare value are called preferred drugs.  Drugs that provide less healthcare value are called non-preferred drugs. And some drugs are considered ‘specialty drugs’, requiring special authorization in order to get coverage.

Because our review process is so rigorous, we filed a patent on the process.

What is Recommended vs Reviewed?

All drugs on the Reformulary have been reviewed by our Expert Committee.  However, only the most clinically and cost-effective drugs are recommended by our Committee.  Recommended drugs are also known as preferred drugs.